3K: Art of War – Chain Combo Warriors

3K: Art of War – Chain Combo Warriors

There are special warriors that are born with crazy combo actions, let’s find out who are they and what are they capable of!


  • Guan Yu

High attack, high Crit Hit, and high combo, Guan Yu is the striker in the chain combo team. High crit hit combine with Fury can easily take one’s life, or absorb opponent’s 2 points Fury. Guan Yu’s specialties focus on attack, crit hit, and hit – gems and Feral stone selection must choose back the same attributes.



Huang Zhong

Similar to Huang Zhong, Huang Zhong has strong attack and Hit – which can ensure Huang Zhong’sattack is straight to the enemies’ heart. However, Huang Zhong must be placed at the back unit, as he has weaker defense.


Pang Tong

After +6 break through, combo attempts will increase to 5 times, defeat the enemies at least 60% of HP and 20% of stunt. What makes Pang Tong a living nightmare to the others is his extra stunt attack and 100% Hit, which can overturn the situation anytime. But Pang Tong has weaker defense as well, it is better to place him at the back unit.