3K: Art of War – Faction Strategy: How to obtain Tribute

3K: Art of War – Faction Strategy: How to obtain Tribute

Obtain Tribute can be really tricky at times, but it can be obtained easily in Faction Battle,  let’s check it out how now!

  1. Faction Battle Deck

The key is to flip as many times as possible! If a player did not get the matching cards, player can continue to flip the deck for free – the more times a player flip, the more Tribute a player can get!

If you have extra coins, do not hesitate; just keep flipping those decks, the more correct pairs of decks you get, the more Tribute you will obtain.

The deck flipping attempts are laced with faction classes, every class possesses different type of power, hence, total deck flipping attempts and faction physical is different.

Lord VIP deck flipping attempts: 300

Minister VIP deck flipping attempts: 270

General VIP deck flipping attempts: 240

Captain VIP deck flipping attempts: 210

Commander VIP deck flipping attempts: 180

Retainer VIP deck flipping attempts: 150


Weekly Contribution Ranking will also reward every player new title. The more Tribute you obtain this week, the more deck flipping attempts you can get in next week.


  1. Tribute Roulette

Try your luck with the roulette everyday between 0800 – 2200! May the luckiest players win the amazing prizes!

Every player have a chance to turn the roulette every day, every turn consume 50 Tributes.