About Gems in 3K

About Gems in 3K

In 3K, Gems can bring strong attribute boosts to Generals. So how many kinds of Gems are there? How to get and inlay them? Now let’s learn all about Gems!


Gem Type

There are 10 types of Gems in the game: Emerald, Blood of the Rooster, Tourmaline, Rose Crystal, Sapphire, Cat’s Eye Gem, Pyrophillite, Garnet, Malachite Green and Amethyst. Emerald increases HP, Blood of the Rooster increases ATK, Tourmaline increases P-DEF, Rose Crystal increases M-DEF, Sapphire increases Hit, Cat’s Eye Gem increases Dodge, Pyrophillite increases Crit, Garnet increases Crit Resist, Malachite Green increases Counter and Amethyst increases Block.


How to Get Them

Besides for the Gem Pack from top up, Gem rewards from logging in and VIP rewards, we can challenge Ladder to get Gem Pack or open Ladder Pack to get them. We can also buy them at Tribute Store with Tribute.


PS: Each type of Gem is limited to 30 in Tribute Store. You must wait for Refresh to buy more~



3 low-grade Gems can be synthesized into 1 high-grade Gem. You can undertake Synthesis in “Bag – Gem” without consuming any other item, and it would never fail!

The way it works is that 3 Lv.1 Gems can be synthesized into 1 Lv.2 Gem and 3 Lv.2 Gems can be synthesized into 1 Lv.3 Gem… The higher level, the greater power!





Reaching Lv.28, you can unlock Embed system that can embed Gems into Rings and Necklaces. +1 Rings and Necklaces will have 1 hole, +3 ones will have 2 and +5 ones will have 3. The same type of Gem can not be Embedded into one Gear.



Gem Level

After Synthesis, Gems will upgrade and provide stronger boosts. As the same type of Gem can not be Embedded into one Gear, we will need Gems of higher level to get stronger boosts. When our Gear Level, Forge and Harden Level are almost the same as those of the enemy, Gem Level will determine the battle!



Take Blood of the Rooster as an example: Lv.1 increases ATK by 100, Lv.2 by 200, Lv.3 by 400, Lv.4 by 600, Lv.5 by 800, Lv.6 by 1100, Lv.7 by 1400 and Lv.8 by 1700… The upgrade of Gems will be a great boost to Generals’ power! So upgrade your Gems now!