About Lord’s Soul Skill in 3K

About Lord’s Soul Skill in 3K

The new version of “3K: Art of War” unlocks the awakening of Lord Soul! Now let’s check the breakthrough of Lord’s power!

Requirements of the awakening of Lord Soul

Just like ordinary Generals, to unlock Lord Soul, 2 requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. The Lord reaching Level 80;
  2. The Lord reaching 6 Stars.


Fulfilling the requirements above, Lords can use Dragon Scale to strengthen themselves! Players can achieve Dragon Scale by challenging or looting the following instances: “Chapter 1 – Jizhou – Against Lv Bu”, “Chapter 2 – Youzhou – General Zhang Liao”, “Chapter 2 – Yuzhou – The Strongest? The Strongest!” and “Chapter 3 – Yangzhou – Blunder”, or just buy it at the Valor Shop with 80 Valor.


Lord’s Soul Skill

Let’s check what the Lords have got after awakening!

  1. Domination: Increases self ATK, DEF and HP by 6%.
  2. Morale: Increases self initial ATK by at most 30 levels.
  3. Fortitude: Increases self initial P-DEF and M-DEF by at most 30 levels.
  4. Fame: Increases self initial HP by at most 30 levels.


Domination, as the strongest buff, consumes the most Dragon Scales, but brings the strongest effects. It increases self ATK, DEF and HP by 6%, making the Lord a tank.

Different from Domination, Morale, Fortitude and Fame offer a smaller boost, but consume less Dragon Scales.

Morale increases the Lord’s ATK. Each level up to Level 30 can slightly increase ATK limit, promoting ATK by 7.2% at most.

Fortitude increases Lord’s DEF. Each level up to Level 30 can slightly increase DEF limit, promoting DEF by 7.2% at most.

Fame increases Lord’s HP. Each level up to Level 30 can slightly increase HP limit, promoting HP by 7.2% at most.


Such boosts make the Lord the mainstay on battlefield — stronger and more capable of controlling the battle!

In a word, Soul has brought great boosts to the Lords. Collect Dragon Scales and take a leap of power!

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