APK 3rd Party Payment Topup Guide

1. Download APK 3rd Party Payment file here:

2. Login to the game.
3. Click on “+” button.

4. Select and click Topup amount

5. Select your Payment method

6. MOL Points
A. MOLPoints (E-Wallet)
A1. Choose MOLPoints as your payment option.
A2. It will redirect to MOL payment portal, Login your account to continue.

A3. Confirm the purchase by re-enter your password (please ensure sufficient balance before purchase)

A4. Transaction completed and it will redirect back to merchant site.

B. MOLPoints Direct Top Up (Scratch Card)
B1. Choose preferred Payment Channel (MOLPoints)
B2. Key in the Serial number and Pin on the MOLPoints direct top up card which available from MOLPoints reseller

B3. After chosen the preferred items, click “Confirm” and it will proceed to MOL payment portal.

B4. Transaction completed and redeemed successfully.

7. After transaction is successful, a window page will show your Topup Sucessful.