King of the Mines

King of the Mines


One of the best battlefields to produce or raid coins.

Players will need to pay 500 coins to join the raid. Then, system will match player’s worthy opponent, and beat opponent in 20 seconds. Winner will be rewarded with 20 Tribute, large amount of coins and extra gems!


  1. Provision Carriage

Provision Carriage opens from 0800 – 2200 daily. There are 4 different types of supply carts to choose from, time is 2 hours, players with successful provision will be rewarded with Spirit Jade.

Spirit Jade can be used to purchase Spirit, Leveling Pills, Hardening Stones, and other rare items, perfect to train your warriors. Of course, players can also raid other carriage, successful carriage will bring players Spirit Jade and Tribute.


  1. Faction battle

System will match players from other faction as opponents, winners will receive Tributes. Then every night at 10PM, Faction Ranking will be calculated with each faction’s victory, faction members who joined will be rewarded.


  1. Tribute Shop

Most of gems can be bought in Tribute Store, earn as many tributes as possible to get better gems!

Players can also exchange warriors shards with Tribute!