Shortcut to Get Plenty of Gold in 3K

Shortcut to Get Plenty of Gold in 3K

Being poor is really unpleasant… Great news! Plenty of Gold is waiting for your exploration in the game! Follow us and learn how!


Shortcut 1: Story Rewards

If you’re a newbie, finishing the story would be the best way to get Gold!

Each of the 4 chapters of the story contains 9 maps (Jiuzhou Island). Each map includes 3 Star Chests — 10 Stars for 50 Gold, 15 for 100 and 25 for 200. When the first chapter is over, you can get 3150 gold in total! At that time, new Elite Instance is open, which means more income!


When Elite Instance is open, you can earn even more — each stage clear in Elite Instance rewards 25 Gold; the Gold reward in Star Chests also upgrades: 15 Stars for 100 Gold, 25 for 200 and 40 for 300! In a word, each Elite Instance offers 800 Gold in total!


Shortcut 2: Arena

The Arena is the second treasure trove of Gold~

Promoting from the four Normal Zones to Elite Zone rewards 1000 Gold! The first rise of Rank also rewards Gold! Besides, you can also get a whole lot of Gold from Daily Ranking Settlement!


PS: the data of Arena will be cleared every time servers merge. In this case, you can get another Gold reward by getting onto the Ranking again!


Shortcut 3: Daily Quest and Sign in

Daily Quest is strongly recommended! It offers not only plenty of EXP but a considerable amount of Gold. Easy peasy!


You can also challenge Peerless, Faction Challenge, Deliver Supply, Raid Supply, Snatch Mine, Faction Battle, Snowman Quiz and Ladder Sweep to get Gold. Though every single one of them doesn’t offer much Gold, but you would be amazed if you get them all!


Besides, Month Card and Supreme Card offer Gold everyday!