Usage of Fairy Store in 3K

Usage of Fairy Store in 3K


Goods on sale in Fairy Store! Not only are normal goods like Leveling Pill and Harden Stone on sale, but also Forge Items and Pieces have a discount. There may be even General Pieces!


Fairy Store is on the right of Arena. Players can tap “Fairy” to view all the goods inside. Each time it is open, there would be 9 goods on offer. Goods that can be bought with Coins are usually Forge Piece, Leveling Pill, Mount Advance Items and Raid Talisman while other goods like Forge Items and Prints can be bought with Gold at a good price, freeing players from the burden of looting instances.


You must have found that goods in Fairy Store is refreshed randomly, which means maybe after a clear or loot of instance, the goods is suddenly refreshed. So seize the chance! You don’t want to miss the rare items on sale!


Fairy Store makes it easier to get gear materials and  , so that you can save your  for more interesting stages and Elite Instances!